Madhubala ki yaad mein

Mukesh - California "Madhubala was such a beauty one only comes across once in a lifetime."

shakuntala - New Zealand "she is gorgeous,beautiful, very charming,and her smile makes me lively".

manish punjabi - Mumbai "she looks most beautiful in photographs even in black & white, then how she looks in reality?"

Aftab Ahmed Khan - Faislabad "As long as there are love films she can not die. In fact such beauty can not die."

Jani - New York City "She was blessed with sexiest smile..."

Rahul - Paris "I think she was an angel that left us very soon."

Kashger - Pakistan "kabhi kisi ko mukamal jahan naheen milta--- kaheen zameen to kaheen asaan naheen milta"

Madhuri - India "she was a angel.. she had all that magic"
Muhammad Waqas Qamar - Karachi "I can free my life on her one smile."

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